EU opens Bosnia accession talks but warn 'much more' needed

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 22:30
Member states gave the political green light for the opening of accession talks with Bosnia and Herzegovina, but noted the need for further progress.
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Ukraine slams grain trade restrictions at EU summit

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 22:23
Restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU could translate into military losses in their bid to stop Russia's war, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky warned EU leaders during their summit in Brussels on Thursday.
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EU summit risks failing Gaza once again, Ireland warns

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 17:22
Austrians and Czechs might block an EU statement calling for an Israeli ceasefire, Ireland warned, as leaders met in Brussels amid starvation in Gaza. Israel's conduct of the war meant it had "squandered the support they had", Leo Varadkar said.
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EU court lands new blow on Morocco in Western Sahara saga

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 16:40
Produce from the disputed territory of Western Sahara must be labelled as the country of origin in the EU rather than Morocco, the EU's top court was advised on Thursday (21 March).
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[Opinion] Political plight of EU's disenfranchised Brexit Brits

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 12:37
A year after Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen finalised Brexit, the EU is gearing up for the June elections — while many British citizens paying taxes on the continent will get no representation at all.
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EU liberals enter 'campaign mode' with three top candidates

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 10:53
Renew Europe is currently the third political force in the parliament, but could lose around 15 seats in the upcoming elections in June — so it has now presented not one but three top candidates, and entered 'election mode'.
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Aping far-right on migration will backfire at elections, says study

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 09:00
Political parties mimicking far-right policies on migration are likely to suffer in the June EU elections, according to a new study.
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[Investigation] Russian interference unnerves Europe as elections near

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 08:00
The Kremlin wants to "sow divisions" across Europe before June's parliamentary elections using a playbook of old and new tricks.
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[Interview] Kallas: Russia's defeat crucial to avoid Third World War

EUobserver - czw., 2024-03-21 06:00
The West must help Ukraine defeat Russia to avoid a wider conflict, Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas has said, advocating more EU arms for Kyiv and heavier investment in Europe's defence industry.
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[Investigation] How Western machinery is helping Russia kill Ukrainians

EUobserver - śr., 2024-03-20 23:53
Russia's missile production capacities have been supercharged thanks to Western machinery. Despite European sanctions having been in place since 2014, many European companies have turned a blind eye to exports of valuable technology to Russian military factories.
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