Afghanistan is a 'forever emergency,' says UN head

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 17:24
Afghanistan is a "forever emergency" rendered worse by an isolated country intent on dismantling human rights, says UN refugee agency (UNHCR) representative for the country, Leonard Zulu.
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EU public procurement reform 'ineffective', find auditors

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 17:03
The EU Commission reformed procurement directives to make bids more attractive (and competitive), but the reform has failed, say auditors. Procedures now take longer, and the number of direct awards and individual tenders has increased over the past decade.
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COP28 warned over-relying on carbon capture costs €27 trillion

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 12:59
Over-relying on carbon capture technologies at this year's COP28 climate summit in Dubai could have a €27 trillion price tag, Oxford researchers find.
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[Stakeholder] Optimising Alzheimer's disease health care pathways across Europe

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 12:34
Despite challenges and barriers across European health systems in the timely detection and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, policymakers have a unique opportunity to be remembered for improving the AD care pathway and transforming the way the disease is managed.
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[Investigation] Georgian far-right leader laughs off potential EU sanctions

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 12:02
Georgia has long sought a rapprochement with Europe, since its war with Russia in 2008. But behind the scenes, powerful actors are sabotaging the plans — spurred by increasing vigilantism.
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[Opinion] The EU's U-turn on caged farm animals — explained

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 10:54
A European citizens' initiative — signed by 1.4 million people — saw the EU Commission promise to ban cages for 300 million farmed animals. Then the farming lobby got involved.
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[Agenda] EU-China summit and migration files in focus This WEEK

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 07:25
This week, EU and Chinese leaders will meet in Beijing to discuss how to cooperate in the international area despite their rivalry. Meanwhile, a marathon trilogue on the five migration files takes place on Thursday.
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COP28 debates climate finance amid inflated accounting ‘mess’

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 07:01
Closing the gap between what's needed and what's actually distributed is one of the main topics at the COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai on Monday. One problem is that no one knows how much is actually being spent.
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[Opinion] Why EU's €18m for Israel undermines peace

EUobserver - pon., 2023-12-04 07:00
The optics of a nine-fold increase of annual funding for Israel, in the middle of its devastating military campaign in Gaza, stands in contrast with the attempted suspension, delaying and constraining of EU development aid for the Palestinians.
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[Interview] Israel's EU ambassador: 'No clean way to do this operation'

EUobserver - pt., 2023-12-01 17:47
Palestinians in south Gaza will have to flee to new safe zones, Israel's EU and Nato envoy tells EUobserver, as the war enters its next phase.
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Brussels denies having no 'concern' on Spain's amnesty law

EUobserver - pt., 2023-12-01 16:37
The Spanish government remains secretive about its negotiations with pro-independence Catalans, but claims the EU Commission has "zero concerns" about their proposed amnesty law for Catalan separatists. The EU executive denies that.
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[Opinion] Dubai's COP28 — a view from the ground

EUobserver - pt., 2023-12-01 11:14
Discussion of the biggest existential threat humanity has ever faced is barely mentioned on billboards or signage in Dubai — yet visitors are made aware quite quickly that t world rugby sevens tournament is imminent.
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Germany moves to criminalise NGO search-and-rescue missions

EUobserver - pt., 2023-12-01 10:46
Draft laws in Germany aimed at tackling irregular migration could lead to the prosecution of NGOs for rescuing endangered refugees and migrants at sea — triggering concerns among human rights lawyers.
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Israel recalls ambassador to Spain in new diplomatic spat

EUobserver - czw., 2023-11-30 18:45
In a new diplomatic spat between Tel Aviv and Madrid, Israel recalled its ambassador to Spain Rodica Radian-Gordon — after comments made by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.
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Migrant return bill 'obstructed' as EU states mull new position

EUobserver - czw., 2023-11-30 16:19
EU states may drop their 2019 position on a bill on returning rejected migrants and instead put forward new ideas that include "innovative solutions" to work around illegal pushbacks.
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Paris and Berlin key to including rape in gender-violence directive

EUobserver - czw., 2023-11-30 16:00
Inter-institutional negotiations on the EU directive to combat violence against women have stalled over the inclusion of rape in the text — which member states such as Germany and France say is outside the EU's remit.
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[Analysis] What are the big money debates at COP28 UN climate summit?

EUobserver - czw., 2023-11-30 14:41
The most critical UN climate conference (COP28) ever will run from Thursday to mid-December — with talks on climate commitments and climate finance expected to determine the success of this year's summit.
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[Opinion] 'Pay or okay?' — Facebook & Instagram vs the EU

EUobserver - czw., 2023-11-30 12:17
Since last week, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta corporation is forcing its European users to either accept their intrusive privacy practices — or pay €156 per year to access Facebook and Instagram without tracking advertising.
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EU offers Turkey upgrade, as Sweden nears Nato entry

EUobserver - śr., 2023-11-29 20:22
The EU has offered Turkey almost all it wanted in return for ratifying Sweden's Nato entry, amid signs the saga is drawing to its climax.
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Russia loses seat on board of chemical weapons watchdog

EUobserver - śr., 2023-11-29 18:36
Russia lost its seat on the board of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for the first time in the organisation's history — while Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania were elected to the executive council.
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