EU must overhaul Africa trade offer to parry China, warns MEP

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 17:24
The EU's trade deal with six southern African countries should be radically overhauled if the bloc is to retain its influence a leading MEP has warned.
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[Exclusive] EU watchdog faults European Commission over Libya

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 16:15
The EU's administrative watchdog has faulted the European Commission for maladministration over its lack of transparency in its 'do no harm' policy in Libya.
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[Feature] Hungary's Ukrainian refugees in two minds as relations sour

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 14:33
Ukrainians struggle to match the kindness of individual Hungarians with the nationalist government's pro-Russia rhetoric. "Ukraine's primary enemies are Russians and Putin, obviously. But the number two is Viktor Orbán," Viktoria Petrovszka, a Ukrainian woman living in Hungary, says.
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[Opinion] The six-hour U-turn that saw the EU vote for austerity

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 14:31
The EU's own analysis has made it clear this is economic self-sabotage, and it's politically foolish three months from European elections where the far-right are predicted to increase support, writes the general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation.
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[Agenda] Defence, von der Leyen, women rights, in focus This WEEK

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 07:01
Ursula von der Leyen is expected to be confirmed as the EPP candidate for president of the next EU Commission. A new defence strategy will be unveiled this week, while the ECB is expected to maintain interest rates.
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[Opinion] The farming lobby vs Europe's wolves

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-03-04 07:00
Over the past few years, farming and hunting organisations have waged an unrelenting vendetta against the wolf, culminating in the European Commission's 180-degree policy U-turn, writes the director of the Humane Society International for Europe.
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[Analysis] EU socialists fight battle on two fronts in election campaign

EUobserver - Sun, 2024-03-03 16:36
Europe's centre-left leader Nicolas Schmit hopes to battle far-right hate-mongering with level-headed economic policies, but could be hampered by the brand of frugal socialism favoured in Denmark and Germany.
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EU docks €32m in funding to UN Gaza agency pending audit

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 15:38
The European Commission will release €50m out of €82m in funds for the UN aid agency (UNRWA) operating in Gaza. The remaining €32m will come pending an audit. The commission has received no evidence to support Israeli allegations against UNRWA.
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'Outdated' rules bar MEP from entering plenary with child

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 15:29
During a plenary session in Strasbourg, an MEP was denied access to the chamber because he was carrying his young child, due to unforeseen circumstances. The episode shows parliament's rules need to be updated, several MEPs told EUobserver.
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Commission plays down row over Rwanda minerals pact

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 15:08
The European Commission has played down a diplomatic row over its recent minerals agreement with Rwanda, after Congolese president Felix Tshishekedi, who accuses Rwanda of plundering his country's natural resources, described the deal as a "provocation in very bad taste".
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EU socialists set to anoint placeholder candidate

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 14:38
This weekend, Europe's top socialists will officially nominate Nicolas Schmit as their candidate in the upcoming European elections in June.
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[Opinion] Why are the banking lobby afraid of a digital euro?

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 12:16
Europeans deserve a digital euro that transcends the narrow interests of the banking lobby and embodies the promise of a fairer and more competitive monetary and financial landscape.
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[Investigation] Deepfake dystopia — Russia's disinformation in Spain and Italy

EUobserver - Fri, 2024-03-01 07:00
Since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, deep fakes have been weaponised, infiltrating every corner of social media like Italy and Spain.
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Putin's nuclear riposte to Macron fails to impress EU diplomats

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 18:09
Russian president Vladimir Putin's nuclear threat was meant to maximise Western division over French remarks on Nato, but contained little new, Kremlin-watchers say.
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EU won't yet commit funding UN agency in Gaza amid hunger

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 15:34
The European Commission is still discussing on whether to release EU funds to a UN aid agency in Gaza despite a looming famine.
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EU Commission clears Poland's access to up to €137bn EU funds

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 15:31
The European Commission has legally paved the way for Poland to access up to €137bn EU funds, following Donald Tusk's government's efforts to strengthen the independence of their judiciary and restore the rule of law in the country.
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[Letter] Right of Reply: The EU-ACP Samoa agreement

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 12:44
Portuguese S&D MEP Carlos Zorrinho, chair of the delegation to the OACPS-EU joint parliamentary assembly, responds to EUobserver's piece Energy and minerals disputes overshadow new EU-ACP pact.
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[Opinion] The macabre saga of Navalny's corpse

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 11:51
With Alexei Navalny's funeral in Moscow on Friday, Vladimir Putin's regime haven't just insulted his mother and widow with their treatment of his corpse — they've breached international treaties and conventions.
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Belgium braces for Flemish far-right gains, deadlock looms

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-02-29 07:00
Recent polling puts the Flemish nationalist parties, the right-wing N-VA and far-right Vlaams Belang at a combined majority in the Flemish parliament, leading to fears about a far-right government take-over — even sparking worries about the future of Belgium itself.
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[Podcast] Podcast: Hyperlocal meets supranational

EUobserver - Wed, 2024-02-28 19:31
In this week's Euroscopic podcast; antisemitism and confusion in France and Germany, Sweden joins NATO, Novaya Gazeta Europe editor Mikhail Komin on Ukraine and EU and a chat with DiEM25, an EP election hopeful campaigning in Berlin.
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