A new article on the territorial impacts of JESSICA projects in cities

A new article written by Piotr Idczak and Karol Mrozik on the territorial impacts of JESSICA projects in cities has been published. The article, entitled “The Territorial Impacts of JESSICA Projects in Municipalities: Evidence from the City of Poznań“, has been published at the Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny journal (Journal of Law, Economics and Sociology).

This paper sets out to explore the contribution of JESSICA projects to enhancing the territorial cohesion of urban areas. We apply a slightly modified TARGET_TIA methodology to assess the territorial impacts of those projects in the city of Poznań. It is found that the JESSICA projects brought about positive territorial effects in deprived urban areas, however, their impacts are quite varied. More exactly, the results demonstrate that projects which most closely addressed the specific needs of the particular urban areas make the greatest contribution to improving the territorial cohesion of a city. It is also suggested that the complexity of JESSICA projects should have a higher priority in granting a JESSICA loan.

The article is available <<<here>>>