Hungary blocks EU appeal for Israel not to strike Rafah

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 21:11
Hungary has stopped fellow EU foreign ministers from formally asking Israel not to attack Rafah, as Czech backing for Israel melts away.
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France's Le Maire 'goes German' with austerity budget

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 17:16
The French government announced €10bn in further spending cuts. However, defence spending is set to increase significantly, up to €413bn from €295bn. €400m was cut to a fund meant for renovating schools, carpooling infrastructure and other regional environmental projects.
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EU banks in Russia after Navalny: business as usual

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 16:11
EU banks still operating in Russia are squirming to show they're abandoning their ever-more toxic client — but actions speak louder than words.
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Frontex to far-right, Leggeri epitomises EU contradictions

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 15:53
Fabrice Leggeri, the ex-Frontex boss who has now joined the French far-right National Rally, is a product of the internal contractions at the EU: the competing interests among EU states and a European Commission too weak to manage their demands.
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New EU social security coordination rules hit a dead end

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 15:08
The clock is ticking and MEPs want to agree new rules to update the EU's social security coordination, but the file has been left unfinished under 12 EU presidencies — and the Belgian presidency won't be the exception.
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[Opinion] EU plan to let 17-year olds drive trucks is crazy

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 14:51
It's an astonishing proposition rooted in political interest rather than facts, with potentially dire consequences for all road users — especially for people who walk and cycle, warns the European Cycling Federation.
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[Analysis] A second von der Leyen term at EU helm 'not a done deal'

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 12:53
German conservative Ursula von der Leyen is seeking reappointment as European Commission president after the June elections. However, her leadership over the past years has triggered internal frustrations that cast uncertainty on her reelection.
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Inquiry launches into Polish ex-government's 'Pegasus' spying

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 07:15
Polish prime minister Donald Tusk last week revealed the Pegasus spyware had been used not only to monitor PiS's political opponents —but also PiS members of the party's leadership suspected of disloyalty.
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[Agenda] New Red Sea mission and more Russia sanctions This WEEK

EUobserver - pon., 2024-02-19 07:00
EU foreign affairs ministers launch the bloc's new Red Sea naval mission, plus hold talks on new sanctions against Russia — amid Hungarian objections — on Monday. Plus a home for the EU's new anti-money laundering authority will be picked.
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Navalny: Putin's 'evil' takes centre-stage at Munich talks

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 18:25
The death of Russia's best-known dissident, Alexei Navalny, caused little surprise in EU circles, but saw Putin branded "evil" as top diplomats gathered at the Munich Security Conference.
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[Opinion] Navalny executed by Putin — another sacrificial victim

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 17:56
It happened. The Kremlin has finally managed to kill Alexei Navalny, the major political opponent of the regime run by Vladimir Putin for the last quarter of the century. Yet another dramatic watershed in the history of his country.
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EU deal on new gig-workers rules unlikely before June elections

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 17:33
Another provisional agreement on improving working conditions for platform workers fall apart on Friday, as four member states decided not to support it — making the chances of a directive before the June European elections unlikely.
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Chinese train firm subject to first EU probe for foreign subsidies

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 17:06
The EU launched its first probe under foreign-subsidies rules on Friday. The company under investigation is Chinese train manufacturer CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive.
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[Analysis] Divided African Union needs muscle to match ambitions

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 12:15
The African Union's credibility will be in the spotlight at its annual leaders' summit, which starts in Addis Ababa on Saturday (17 February) as it faces up to another political crisis in a key member state — Senegal.
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[Opinion] The elephant in the room at this weekend's African Union summit

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 12:05
Italy's offer to mobilise €5.5bn over the next years, overwhelmingly in already-allocated loans and guarantees, pales in comparison to the financing challenges faced by Africa. Only an EU-wide coordinated financial offer can credibly respond to African needs.
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What's at stake for EU humanitarian aid?

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 11:56
Brussels Dispatches analyses the changing geopolitical landscape, what this means for the EU's humanitarian aid policies and how a vote in the upcoming EU elections can affect EU humanitarian assistance.
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[EUobserved] MEPs' favourite topic — their seats, and how they get elected

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 11:29
Few things interest politicians more than the way they are elected. But finding a system that most can agree on continues to elude MEPs.
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Greece becomes first Orthodox state to legalise gay marriage

EUobserver - pt., 2024-02-16 00:25
Only 15 EU countries allow same-sex marriage, preventing equal rights for 'rainbow families', but Greece just became the first Orthodox Christian country to break the tabu.
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EU states embedded 'Rwanda clause' into new asylum rules

EUobserver - czw., 2024-02-15 18:21
A so-called Rwanda clause slipped into the overhaul of EU asylum law will undermine the UN refugee convention, say critics.
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Ukraine 'closer than ever' to joining Nato, despite war

EUobserver - czw., 2024-02-15 18:12
When the political timing is right, Ukraine will go into Nato as swiftly as Finland and Sweden did, Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg has said.
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