Seminarium "Foresight and Horizon Scanning (FHS) for Sustainable Innovation" z udziałem dr. Rafaela Poppera

2024-05-08 13:28

26.04. br. Katedra Europeistyki zorganizowała seminarium pt. "Foresight and Horizon Scanning (FHS) for Sustainable Innovation". Seminarium poprowadził dr Rafael Popper.
Opis seminarium i biogram wykładowcy poniżej.
This seminar explores the pivotal role of foresight and horizon scanning (FHS) in exploring emerging technologies (ET) and disruptive innovations (DI) to guide policy and funding decisions in science, technology, and innovation (STI). In the seminar four case studies from Europe and beyond — iKnow, Technology Horizon, ENISA AI Trends, and CASI/BOLERO projects — will illustrate innovative HS practices relevant to European policymakers. These cases demonstrate that FHS is not about foreseeing the future but enabling proactive strategies amid socio-technical transitions towards sustainability. This event aims to empower stakeholders with practical approaches to navigating disruptive forces and advancing breakthroughs within Europe’s sustainable innovation landscape.

Dr. Rafael Popper brings over two decades of expertise in international business, foresight, entrepreneurship, and sustainable innovation management. His career spans roles as a principal scientist, entrepreneur, lecturer, researcher, and innovation policy consultant, collaborating with a wide range of organisations worldwide, including the European Commission, European Innovation Council, EU agencies (ENISA, ETF, EFSA, CEDEFOP), United Nations bodies (UNIDO, UNDP, ECLAC), and international organisations like the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Recognised with two Emerald Literati Awards and an Economics Award, Dr. Popper is also known for establishing breakthrough solutions, such as the Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation (CFI) in Poland. His influential publications and 200+ international speaking engagements, including at The Royal Society in the UK and the European Parliament, showcase his commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation.