Most of the actions taken today in business, politics, government, media, education and culture should take account of the international context, and in the Polish situation, in particular the European - Union. Businesses, employees and officials of various different levels of decision-making and problem-solving environment must be aware of not only national but also EU. This is especially true of Polish companies, which in its attempt to compete effectively on the common European market must be very familiar with not only the rules of its operation, but also the capacity for access to finance and business support services. Entrepreneurship is one of the main factors of socio-economic development, as well as a prerequisite for achieving competitiveness in the regional and national scale. Knowledge of the business environment, principles of obtaining financial support, as well as the rules for creating a more favorable business environment translate into the creation of new jobs and, consequently, increase the wellbeing of local and regional authorities.

Today, companies must also actively seek to protect their own interests. In this context, it is necessary to know the principles of economic diplomacy (economic), that treatments aimed at more effectively push for their interests at the level of the EU institutions and business support in the international arena. In addition to actions taken by the diplomatic services of the state, require that you take directly by the company or by national and international organizations, companies not only on a national level but also internationally. Economic diplomacy also works as supportive and promotion for businesses, which require close cooperation with them. Economic diplomacy is no longer present the reserved only for diplomats - the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.