Spatial distribution of the JESSICA funding in Poland - next article

We are happy to share our latest work on the JESSICA initiative. The article “Spatial Distribution of JESSICA Funding Across Polish Municipalities. Perspective of Territorial Dimension of EU Cohesion Policy” has just been published as open access in Studia Regionalne i Lokalne. We hope it will be of interest!

The JESSICA initiative was set up to provide a more sustainable and efficient response to the needs of urban areas, as compared to non-repayable grants. Anchored in the literature on place-based policy and territorial cohesion, this paper addresses the question how the JESSICA funds were allocated among Polish cities – whether, intuitively, only to key urban centres, or to smaller cities as well. The results illustrate that the repayable assistance of JESSICA was dispersed throughout the regions, although the degree of dispersion remains mixed across them. Almost half of the JESSICA funds was transferred to small and medium-sized cities. It was also found that the bulk of the assistance went to the projects that were implemented in cities situated within metropolitan areas of the regional capital cities.

The article is available <<<here>>>