Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate study Sourcing Strategy and management of EU funds (ninth edition)

Study is designed for:

Employees of enterprises, public administration, training and consulting companies, NGOs, teachers and all those who are interested in issues related to the practice of raising funds to support programs. The participants of the study may be university graduates (bachelor's degree, master's degree), both economic and non-economic.

Program includes among others.:


  •     The legal basis for programming and use of EU funds in Poland, including state aid and public procurement.
  •     Practical issues of regional and cohesion policy in Poland.
  •     Public-private partnership.

Workshops and computer labs:

  •     The use of PCM methodology in managing European projects.
  •     Economic and financial analysis: a study of the feasibility, cost-benefit analysis, business plan, strategic analysis.
  •     Project management, including risk management, reporting, control, monitoring, project management software.
  •     Preparation of investment projects in enterprises and public administrations (national and regional operational programs co-financed by the ERDF).
  •     Preparation of draft human resource development (the Human Capital Operational Programme, co-financed by the ESF).

In addition, 10 hours of classes will be held on topics identified by the participants, not included in the Framework Programme study.

CLASSES are lead by PUE lecturers and practitioners of project management and people who make the EU rules on the use of EU funds (employees of consulting firms and public administration).

Number of hours: 170

Cost: 4 200 zł.

DATES: study lasts from February 2013 to January 2014, the two-day meetings are held twice a month on Fridays (from 05.00PM) and Saturday (from  8.30AM). The date of commencement of classes, candidates will be notified by separate letter. The adoption of the first come first served basis. Number of participants is limited!


Information and Registration

Department of European Studies at the University of Economics in Poznań,
16 Powstańców Wielkopolskich str., room 1322,
61-895 Poznan 061 854 33 22

What should be included in documentation:

The application for admission to the College should contain the following documents:

  • application of the candidate,
  • personal questionnaire,
  • a copy of the university degree or undergraduate degree (not a photocopy),
  • two (signed on back) legitimizing sized photographs,
  • a statement of personal commitment to pay fees for study or referral from the employer with a commitment by the employer to cover the cost of education.

Application for postgraduate studies done by APPLY ONLINE tab, which can be found at:

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