Dr. Ida Musiałkowska at the RSA conference in Fortaleza

2014-05-04 14:54

Dr Ida Musiałkowska particpated in the Regional Studies Association Global Conference 2014 "From Vulnerable Places to Resilient Territories: The Path to Sustainable Development" in Fortaleza (Brazil) on April 27-30 2014, organised by the Regional Studies Association and CEDEPLAR (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais).
During the conference dr Musiałkowska presented the paper "EU-China and EU-Brazil cross-national policy transfer and learning: the case of regional development policy" written together with dr Marcin Dąbrowski from TU Delft (the Netherlands) and dr Laura Polverari from the EPRC, University of Strathclyde (Great Britain). These three scholars organised also special session "Cross-National Policy Transfer and Learning in Regional and Urban Policy".

At the same conference  dr Ida Musiałkowska chaired the session "Contemporary and Historical Planning".