Implementation of European Union law in Poland

TitleImplementation of European Union law in Poland
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMusiałkowska, I.
Book TitleCommon Values. Discussing German and Polish Perceptions of European Integration
EditionWeronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz
ISBN Number978-3-8487-4208-0
KeywordsEuropean Union law, implementation, Poland

Poland is one of the countries with relatively high implementation rates of secondary EU law. According to Ulrich Sedelmeier, rates of implementation and compliance are higher in the ‘new member states’ than amongst the ‘EU-15’. This is due to their relatively good preparation of the public administration in the pre-accession period, institutional capacity building, socialization and institutional learning bound by pre-accession conditionality and monitoring requirement of the process. Nevertheless, in some of the most sensitive areas, transition periods were agreed by Poland and the European Union and to this day, a part of the EU law is yet to be implemented. Especially in the areas of particular economic or societal interest, the transposition might be formal and the implementation not substantial. This means that, in the first instance, Polish law rather than the implemented directive is taken into account, e.g. for laws on renewable sources of energy, or in the climate sector.

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