Assessment of the System of Project Selection under the Cohesion Policy "The Case of the Wielkopolska Region"

TitleAssessment of the System of Project Selection under the Cohesion Policy "The Case of the Wielkopolska Region"
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsIdczak, P., & Musiałkowska I.
JournalEvaluační teorie a praxe
Start Page69
Keywordscohesion policy, EU funds, evaluation, Poland, selection of projects, Wielkopolska region, Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme

The current year 2014 allows/has allowed for the first attempts to evaluate the operations, organization and implementation of the Cohesion Policy 2007-2013. The authors have analysed one of the elements that might have an impact on the results obtained under the regional operational programme in the Wielkopolska region in Poland, namely the modes of the selection of projects. This element of the whole cycle of projects is an under-researched subject of scientific analyses even though the project selection itself has been deeply examined by (various) control institutions (the European Court of Auditors, Supreme Audit Offices etc.). The authors use evaluation concepts and a strategic management lens, and formulate five research questions on: the conditions necessary for the transparency of project selection, the main factors determining the choice of the adopted selection mode, the impact of the selection mode on the results, the quality of the work of experts, and the efficiency of the appeal procedures for beneficiaries – trying to answer all these questions in the subsequent sections of the article. The methods used comprise analyses of legislation, reports, primary data and in-depth-interviews with the stakeholders. The research has also practical implications and can be a valuable case-study for policy-makers.

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