[Agenda] Middle East, Messi and missing MEPs on the agenda This WEEK

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 17:59
While the leader of Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, will discuss peace in the Middle East with EU leaders, the eurogroup will assess further steps towards economic and monetary union.
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[Ticker] Germany confirms attendance at air quality summit

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 17:57
Germany's caretaker minister for environment Barbara Hendricks will attend the ministerial summit in Brussels on air quality on 30 January, a spokesman told EUobserver. Her British counterpart Michael Gove has not yet decided whether to attend. Environment commissioner Karmenu Vella also invited ministers from Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. The commission has warned these nine countries for failing to meet EU air quality standards.
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Instagram and Google Plus join EU anti-hate speech drive

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 16:23
The European Commission said it would hold off possible legislation that would force IT firms to police the internet, given the upsurge of removed online hate speech content.
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[Ticker] Nearly half of 'fixed' Dieselgate cars show problems

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 12:51
According to a survey conducted by consumer organisations in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, some 45 percent of owners of a Volkswagen Group diesel car who have had the emissions cheating software removed, experienced negative changes. Of those encountering problems, 55 percent said their car had a higher fuel consumption after the update. One-third of the 10,500 surveyed consumers said they had ignored the recall after the Dieselgate scandal.
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[Focus] EU wants 'entrepreneurship' in education systems

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 11:00
The EU Commission is setting out ideas to help youngsters to be more fit for the future job market and to develop a European identity.
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UK loses EU satellite centre to Spain

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 09:25
Galileo centre, which monitors EU version of GPS, to follow banking and medicines agencies to mainland after Brexit.
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Pay into EU budget for market access, Macron tells May

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 09:25
Britain to beef up defence cooperation with France, but on Brexit, France told UK that there could be no equal treatment outside of the single market.
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[Ticker] YouTube, Twitter, Facebook up hate speech deletion

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 08:56
Social media giants YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have met EU targets on removing online hate speech, reported the Financial Times newspaper. The EU Commission has demanded a 50 percent take down rate of content flagged within 24 hours. Twitter removed content 80.2 percent, YouTube 57.9 percent, and Facebook 89.3 percent.
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[Ticker] UK mulls bridge to France

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 08:53
British foreign minister Boris Johnson has suggested building a bridge across the English Channel to France after the UK leaves the European Union. "Our economic success depends on good infrastructure and good connections. Should the Channel Tunnel be just a first step?", he said in a tweet.
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[Ticker] German far-right float anti-asylum bill

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 08:51
Germany's far-right AfD party on Thursday proposed a bill that would ban asylum seekers in the country from reuniting with family members from war-torn countries. The proposal marks the AfD's first bill in the parliament since becoming the third-largest political party. "The incentives to come here must end," said AfD's Gottfried Curio.
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Ethiopian regime to get EU migrants' names

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 08:38
EU to hand names of Ethiopian irregular migrants to regime's intelligence services under controversial readmission deal.
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EU to lend Greece up to €7bn more next week

EUobserver - pt., 2018-01-19 08:17
Eurozone ministers expected to agree new credit at Monday's meeting, but bailout exit terms and IMF debt relief remain controversial.
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Nato prepares to take in Macedonia

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 17:55
Macedonia could be invited to join Nato as soon as it solves its name dispute, but a Greek far-right party with links to Russia might cause trouble.
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[Opinion] Taking full benefit of supercomputers in Europe

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 17:36
Newly-announced financial help for so-called 'supercomputers' can help both EU member states, and small and medium-sized companies to grow - in fields such as health diagnostics, driverless cars and even earthquake predicting.
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[Interview] Spitzenkandidat system 'difficult to get rid of', hopes lead MEP

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 17:35
Polish chairwoman of the EU parliament's constitutional affairs committee says main candidate of the 2019 election-winning group should become candidate-president of the European Commission.
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Rights NGOs face fresh threats across the EU, agency says

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 15:49
While ongoing crackdowns in Poland and Hungary have put the spotlight on rights groups, NGOs are now under new political and financial pressure across the EU, the Fundamental Rights Agency said.
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EIB 'more sensitive' to fraud after Dieselgate, chief insists

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 15:43
The president of the European Investment Bank, Werner Hoyer, said the bank had high standards - but did not explain why an anti-fraud report on a loan to Volkswagen was being kept secret.
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EU 'hypocrisy' condemns people to Libya, says NGO

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 13:54
Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, says the EU's key policy on returning migrants to Libya is condemning them to "nightmarish conditions", and is a hypocritical use of the Libyan coastguard to avoid direct responsibility.
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[Ticker] EU Parliament to investigate glyphosate-decision process

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 12:57
The European Parliament's conference of presidents decided on Thursday to create a special committee to investigate the assessment process for pesticides, including the glyphosate weedkiller. The committee, which has a nine-month mandate, will in particular assess "potential failures that might have arisen in the scientific evaluation" and "possible conflicts of interest at all levels".
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[Ticker] 'Mutagenesis' falls outside EU's GMO rules, says EU top lawyer

EUobserver - czw., 2018-01-18 12:55
The breeding method called mutagenesis is exempt from EU law regulating the authorisation of GMOs, the European Court of Justice's advocate general said on Thursday, in a non-binding opinion. Unlike GMOs, "mutagenesis doesn't entail the insertion of foreign DNA into a living organism". The case was brought to the court by France after small-scale farmers said mutagenesis carries risks for health and the environment. A formal ruling will follow.
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