Putin declares holy war on Western 'satanism'

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 19:26
Russian president Vladimir Putin invoked Jesus, Satan, and transsexual bogeymen in a Kremlin ceremony for carving up Ukraine on Friday.
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[Agenda] Two elections and 'Macron's club' in focus Next WEEK

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 17:18
MEPs at the Strasbourg plenary are expected to discuss Russia, Iran, Hungary, and vote on common chargers for consumer devices.
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EU agrees windfall energy firm tax — but split on gas-price cap

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 16:04
EU energy ministers have adopted a package of measures to intervene in the electricity markets and reduce high energy prices. But the main topic of the day was how to deal with the gas price itself.
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[Feature] Ukrainian chess prodigy: 'We are not going to resign ... anywhere'

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 15:22
Anna and Mariya Muzychuk are world champion grandmaster chess players from Ukraine. On Thursday, they played an exhibition event in Brussels. EUobserver was able to speak to Anna on how the war has impacted her and the game.
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[Opinion] Going Down Under — EU needs to finish trade deal with Australia

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 11:49
The EU and Australia should aim to proactively reduce vulnerabilities and dependencies. Both have strong economic links to China, which aims to intimidate the EU and Australia in the hope that it can change our political positions.
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[Ticker] EU ministers adopt measures to tackle soaring energy bills

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 11:41
EU energy ministers reached an agreement on Friday on measures to reduce high energy prices during a council meeting in Brussels, the Czech EU Council presidency announced. The proposal includes a binding target to reduce electricity consumption, a cap on market revenues from low-cost electricity producers such as renewables and nuclear power plants and a so-called "solidarity contribution mechanism" to channel excess profits from fossil-fuel extractors to consumers.
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MEPs worry Russian disinfo weakens support for Ukraine

EUobserver - Fri, 2022-09-30 07:54
"Russian disinformation is almost like a nightmare. It takes the very worst of us, our worst beliefs and deepest fears, and amplifies them through social media algorithms".
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[Analysis] Everything you need to know about the EU gas price cap plan

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 20:01
Energy ministers are meeting on Friday to discuss ways to reduce energy prices and shield citizens and industry from soaring bills. Here are the most important issues.
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[Feature] Why northeast Italy traded in League for Brothers of Italy

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 16:40
EUobserver spoke with several business figures and all confirmed they voted for Georgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy because it promised stability, less bureaucracy and tax cuts. Matteo Salvini's anti-EU rhetoric scared them, while they trust Meloni has "more common sense".
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[Ticker] EU takes Malta to court over golden passports

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 15:31
The EU Commission said Thursday it would file a legal challenge against Malta for its golden passport program, which allows wealthy foreigners to buy citizenship, and access to the EU's Schengen zone, for an investment of around €1m. Malta suspended it for Russians and Belarusians, but continues for all other nationalities. The commission argues that the scheme breaks EU rules because it does not require beneficiaries to live in Malta.
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[Opinion] How US tech giants play EU states off against each other

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 12:56
Some have tried to justify Big Tech's meagre tax payments in EU states with heavier tax burdens by emphasising the fact that these companies create jobs and invest in next-generation technologies. However, their market dominance comes at a steep cost.
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Deregulation of new GMO crops: science or business?

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 08:29
Academics and biotech research organisations with corporate interests have been leading the lobby campaign to deregulate new genomic techniques in the EU — using 'climate-friendly' and 'science-based' narratives, according to a report.
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[Investigation] The European shipping giants plying Putin's fossil-fuels trade

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 07:03
A vast network of European ships helps keep Putin's oil economy afloat. European vessels have shipped millions of tonnes of oil, gas and coal from Russian ports in the six months since the invasion, Investigate Europe and Reporters United reveal.
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Russian ideologue and caviar on latest EU blacklist

EUobserver - Thu, 2022-09-29 06:44
The EU is aiming to blacklist Russian celebrity philosopher Alexander Dugin and strike at Russia's oil, steel, and forestry industries in its latest sanctions, new proposals say.
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Netherlands tops EU social safety net for the poor

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 17:56
The Netherlands is the only EU state where the minimum income is above the poverty line. A minimum income is not a wage but rather a social safety net to ensure people do not end up destitute.
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[Ticker] EU to ban Russian products worth €7bn a year more

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 16:57
The EU is aiming to ban Russian imports worth €7bn a year in its next round of sanctions, EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen declared Wednesday, without saying which new products would be hit. It's also proposing to ban more dual-use high-tech exports and impose a price cap on Russian oil. New blacklists will for the first time impose visa-bans and asset-freezes on people helping Russia circumvent EU sanctions.
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New EU rules to make companies liable for their AI failures

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 16:40
As more-and-more AI-operated tools surround us — think of package-delivery drones, self-driving lorries, cleaning robots — the EU executive set out a bill to alleviate the burden of proof for consumers.
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[Ticker] Denmark: CIA did not warn of Nord Stream attack

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 15:40
This morning several media outlets, including Der Spiegel and The New York Times, reported that the CIA warned several EU countries this summer of a potential attack Nord Stream. Danish defence minister Morten Bødskov denied these claims on Wednesday. "Neither the government nor I have been notified," he told government broadcaster TV2. "I also don't think these explosions are something you would be warned about."
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[Ticker] Drone sightings in the North Sea 'occurred over months'

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 11:56
The unidentified drones seen flying near Norwegian offshore oil and gas platforms reported earlier this week have occurred over a period of "months." This is what Amund Preede Revheim, who leads the investigation, told EUobserver in an email on Wednesday. "The events have occurred over months," he said, but declined to specify further how far back the first sightings were made "for the sake of the investigation".
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[Opinion] Can King Charles III reset the broken Brexit relationship?

EUobserver - Wed, 2022-09-28 11:07
The Queen's funeral was an impressive demonstration of solidarity from the EU towards a country that left the Union in 2020, and with whom the EU's relations have never recovered. Can the new King Charles III build bridges to Brussels?
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