[Analysis] 'PieperGate' crisis re-opens doubts on von der Leyen's future

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 14:53
A majority of MEPs call for U-turn on Markus Pieper's controversial appointment as SME envoy and a new, more transparent process — raising questions about the leadership style and re-election chances of EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen.
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[Opinion] The Bolsonaro-Orbán far-right nexus

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 12:16
Defeated far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has given various reasons for sheltering at the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia — none of them make sense.
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[Stakeholder] Don't kill cohesion policy

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 11:57
Some groups on the right of the EU political spectrum are openly questioning the need for this major investment instrument, risking depleting cohesion funds aimed at investment for the future, writes Marcos Ros Sempere of the Socialists & Democrats.
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[Investigation] Rural Europe's turn to far-right triggered by 'political neglect'

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 08:00
Far-right parties are set to win big in June's European elections. Populist support is on the rise, not least in rural communities, as a "geography of discontent" sweeps the continent.
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[Interview] EU should use 'all means' to end war in Gaza: Belgian minister

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 07:20
The EU should use "all means" possible to end the violence in Gaza, including sanctions, a peace conference, and a review of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, Belgian development cooperation minister Caroline Gennez told EUobserver.
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EU loses €33m an hour in super-rich's unpaid taxes

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 07:00
Oxfam demands more action from MEPs, as the EU governments lose €33 million every hour in unpaid taxes from Europe's super-rich.
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Price-cap could slash 60 percent of Russian LNG earnings: report

EUobserver - Thu, 2024-04-11 07:00
According to a new report, Russian overseas gas exports could be cut by 60 percent without endangering European energy security.
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Migration pact hailed as 'huge' EU win, amid human-rights fears

EUobserver - Wed, 2024-04-10 19:52
MEPs have given their final approval to the EU's long-delayed immigration and asylum pact, which EU Commission president von der Leyen heralded as a "huge achievement for Europe".
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Two Russian bankers left in EU limbo, despite court win

EUobserver - Wed, 2024-04-10 15:12
Two Russian bankers have come closer to wriggling off the EU blacklist due to flimsy evidence, auguring badly for similar court rulings expected before summer.
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[Podcast] Polish elections, education in Africa, Germany's day in court

EUobserver - Wed, 2024-04-10 12:52
This week, local elections in Poland, the EU's role in education across Africa and, of course, Germany's day in the International Court of Justice over Gaza's genocide claim.
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[Opinion] The problem of corruption in Ukraine — and a solution

EUobserver - Wed, 2024-04-10 12:36
Sunlight is the best disinfectant— so in a way, it is encouraging to see corruption scandals coming to the fore, as this may deter potential future graft, a key prerequisite for Kyiv's eventual EU accession.
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EU losing China tech-race, as Beijing prepares to host German CEOs

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 20:30
China's clean-tech hegemony poses a threat to Western security, the EU's anti-trust tsar has warned — in a dig at Germany.
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[Analysis] Economic plans of EU 'Big Three' are evidence of low ambition

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 18:29
The economy ministers of the EU's 'Big Three' — France, Germany, and Italy — have set their sights on slashing red-tape to boost small businesses. But their broader policy agenda lacks ambition.
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Ukraine's farmers slam EU import controls on food products

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 17:19
The paradoxical move to tighten EU import controls on agricultural goods from Ukraine, despite the EU's vocal support for Kyiv, has sparked criticism from Ukrainian farmers. Overall, it is estimated the new measures could cost the Ukrainian economy €330m.
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Germany tells ICJ Gaza hearing arms sales to Israel 'defensive'

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 14:38
German lawyers rebutted responsibility for war crimes in Gaza at the second day of the hearing at the International Court of Justice, and said that nearly all its arms sales to Israel were "defensive in nature."
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[Opinion] This 'deregulation' lobbying now threatens EU economy

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 13:06
Next week's EU summit (17-18 April) will discuss the strategic agenda for the next five years. The current "competitiveness agenda" is to a large extent driven by a big lobbying campaign — so far, not well covered by the media.
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[Analysis] MEPs set to rubber-stamp new restrictive phase of EU asylum

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 12:19
The European Parliament is set to rubber stamp a new internal EU management system on asylum. Years in the making, the overhaul has been described as a game-changer by EU institutions determined to reach an agreement ahead of June's elections.
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[Opinion] Why ‘war’ makes Europeans bury their head in the sand

EUobserver - Tue, 2024-04-09 11:07
When it comes to war, Europeans perfect the art of denial. They refuse to think about it, let alone anticipate. They even conduct the "war on terror" half-heartedly because it is a war.
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EU navies in Red Sea escorted some 70 ships

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-04-08 20:56
EU frigates have helped 68 merchant vessels get through the Houthis' Red Sea blockade, but shipping is still down by half as attacks continue.
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ICJ hears Nicaragua's case against Germany over Gaza

EUobserver - Mon, 2024-04-08 15:07
The International Court of Justice in the Hague on Monday heard Nicaragua's opening allegations that Germany is facilitating possible genocide in Gaza, through its arms sales to Israel.
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