Specialization (Master's degree)

"Business and economic diplomacy in Europe" is a specialty of the economic profile, with particular emphasis on the European dimension. The study program covers topics second degree which is a widening and deepening of the knowledge transferred during the three-year undergraduate. But he does not limit in any way access and opportunity for students studying other specialties of both business schools and others. Master's degree, specializing in "Business and Economic Diplomacy in Europe" allows the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills necessary for the functioning of all entities in the single European market (companies, business institutions, organizations, consumers, workers, entrepreneurs, etc..) Relating to such to tax international business cultural backgrounds and international finance companies. Lectures on the cultures and societies of the Member States of the EU assistance in establishing business contacts with the representatives of these states and move their territories. With koeli workshops on orders of European projects and their evaluation of the process enable students to acquire the skills needed in the implementation and settlement projects co-financed from European funds realized by the corporate sector.

Special interests and passions students specialty "Business and Economic Diplomacy in Europe" can develop by participating in konwersatoriach on key issues and challenges for today's business and economy. The changing economic environment in Europe and the world requires the existence of an effective economic service that will be able to identify and analyze the most important external (foreign) factors affecting the business processes. In this context, economic diplomacy is to work with foreign and international institutions, and co-create conditions for enterprises and take care of their basic interests.

Knowledge and skills

Studies on the specialty provide detailed practical knowledge on the Functioning of the European Union and its institutions, its member states and companies operating in the single European market. Graduates of "Business and economic diplomacy in Europe," they know what is the structure and functioning of the institutions of the EU. They know the rules for all the freedoms of the common market which allows you to profit from the operation of all entities in the common European market. They know how to operate the company and the business sector. They know the rules of economic diplomacy and can be used to properly shape the economic and business relations, which in turn are now the most important tool for shaping international relations. They are able to diagnose the appropriate current economic events and propose scenarios for the development of enterprises. They know the rules of the system and the management of regional development can successfully implement projects financed from external sources. Is complemented by the acquisition of skills prepare business correspondence in their preferred language.

The thematic areas of the selected objects

Masters Degree beyond economic knowledge base includes both specialized subjects and cross-covering mainly economic, but also social, cultural and political aspects of the business:

  • Economy - Selected Items: fundamentals of mathematical economics, mathematical statistics,, international economic relations,
  • International - Selected Items: theories of international integration, globalization and regionalization in the global economy, public international law, international logistics,
  • Europe - selected subjects: politics and economy of the EU countries, support for European agriculture, environmental protection in the EU system of legal protection in the EU economy and society in the EU trade defense measures in the EU monetary integration in the EU,
  • Business - Selected Items: entrepreneurship, infrastructure as a condition, and the subject of international cooperation, international finance companies, cultural determinants of international business, tax systems and tax harmonization in the EU, business correspondence in a foreign language
  • funduszowy - selected items: project management, management systems, regional development, management and evaluation of European projects for companies
  • Diplomatic - Selected Items: diplomacy and law diplomatic negotiation techniques in economic diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, the challenges of modern Europe (tutorial).

Profile of a graduate

Master's degree in economics with a specialization in "Business and Economic Diplomacy in Europe" from the University of Economics in Poznan is an excellent showcase and guarantee high quality education, for many years a highly respected among employers. Graduates have a broad knowledge of economic relations in Europe and the dawn of the knowledge economy, while at the micro level, which is now an important component of modern diplomacy. The aim of study is to prepare for work:

  • companies and institutions in the business environment (as consultants, specialists and trainers in the field of European integration and the acquisition of EU funds, specialists in the EU economy, EU Member States and the preparation and management of EU projects co-financed from EU funds),
  • in governments at all levels (staff of the EU institutions and international organizations, national experts and local administration in the field of European integration, European funding and cooperation with EU institutions),
  • in the field of diplomacy (diplomacy, economic specialization for the diplomatic, commercial and consular offices),
  • in the corporate sector (entrepreneurs and employees of manufacturing companies and service companies to effectively compete in the single European market)

Excellent knowledge of the functioning of the European Union and the principles of economic diplomacy creates an opportunity to work in an attractive and development companies and institutions.